Space Rocks!
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Forward: W or Arrow Up
Reverse: S or Arrow Down
Left: A or Arrow Left
Right: D or Arrow Right
Shoot: Space or / or Left Mouse
Sonic Blast: Right or Left Shift or Right Mouse
Zoom in: ] or Mouse Wheel Up
Zoom out: [ or Mouse Wheel Down

Heads Up Display (HUD):
The left side meter displays your hit point level, the right side displays your rate of fire meter. When the rate of fire meter is full your ship is firing at its fastest. Refill the rate of fire meter by collecting red power ups. The top of your HUD displays your available sonic blasts, 3 max.

Power Ups:
Green glowing space rocks yield repair power ups while red glowing space rocks yield rate of fire increases, sonic blasts and black holes. A space rock will never result in a black hole if destroyed via sonic blast.

Green - Repair
Red - Rate of Fire increase
Blue/White - Sonic Blast

Black Holes:
Damage is based on the mass and velocity of the offending space rock. Black holes accelerate space rocks to great speeds and should be avoided, however; power ups often gather around them. Space rocks that hit the center of a black hole are destroyed.
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