Soul Survivor
Please install Shockwave Flash 11 in order to play Soul Survivor.
The enemy Saddies do not have a soul and they want to eat yours, use a loadout of logic bolts to defend yourself against their onslaught. Some saddies will drop off power ups that can help you on your way, but be careful your ship will lose all power ups if hit or your soul taken if you are hit while wielding no power ups.

Left/Right Arrows: Move left and right
Space: Fire logic bolt
P: Pause to adjust volume
Windows: Download
Windows 64-bit: Download
OSX: Download
Android: Download
Pick Ups:
Point pickups award 421 points.
Awards an extra Logic Bolt, up to 4.
Allows you to shoot sideways. Pick up extras for a score multiplier.
Shields all damage for a period of time.
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