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Eliminate all balls before the timer runs out. Remove balls from play by matching their color with the color of your currently loaded ball, displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Use the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to fire. The level will advance once all balls have been removed from play. Watch out for bomb balls, indicated with a timer, once they explode more balls will be entered into the play field. The game ends if the timer runs out before all balls have been removed from play or the amount of balls in play reaches 115.

Balls of similar color connected to one another will form a chain when taken out of play. Once a chain is removed you will receive points equal to the length of the chain squared times your current score multiplier. Bomb balls add an additional length of 10 to your chain, you will receive an additional 50 points times your multiplier if you destroy a bomb ball that has only 1 second left on its timer. If you're crafty you can connect two balls of the same color divided by a ball of another color, aim roughly for the center of the dividing ball. Once a wave of balls has been cleared you will receive additional points equal to half the amount of seconds remaining times your multiplier.

5 balls: 2x
10 balls: 5x
15 balls: 10x
20 balls: 15x

Your multiplier will reset if you fire a ball and form a chain no larger than 1 or a bomb ball is allowed to explode. You will here a gong sound when your multiplier resets.

Bomb balls:
In order to destroy a bomb ball you must connect the ball in a chain of 2 or more not including the ball you fired with a mouse click.
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